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6 Object Lessons About Sin for Teaching Kids About Sin

Teaching Kids About Sin #4. Dominoes:

Tape shapes down on the floor. As the students enter, assign them to a shape. Have them work together as a group to line the dominoes up along the tape. After the dominoes are set up, allow one student to tap lightly the first domino, and watch them make all the dominoes fall. Try to do this several times (if time allows) to allow several different students a chance to knock them down. Talk with the children about the fact that one sin leads to others, and pretty soon, it is hard to stop. Also, you could have a discussion about the idea that my sin does affect others. Explain that today we are going to hear a story that tells about the first sin and how it affected those people. We will also talk about how sinning affects God.

Teaching Kids About Sin #5. Big and Little Sin:  

Have a child stand on a chair and drop two oranges from the same height at the same time. Observe what happens at the floor level (cover the floor with newspaper). This is the “control” part of the experiment. Then have a child stand on a chair and drop an orange and a grape (or pea) from the same height at the same time. Observe what happens at the floor level. They should hit at the same time as gravity pulls things, at the same rate even if they are not the same size. Explain to the students that sins whether they are big or small are still sins in God’s eyes, and we need to confess them. Adam and Eve’s sin affected all of mankind, but it was no bigger sin in God’s eyes than a lie today or something else.

Teaching Kids About Sin #6. All Fall Short  

Place two pieces of masking tape far enough apart that it would be impossible for students to jump from one to the other. Allow students to take turns attempting to jump from one mark to the other. Explain that this is exactly what the memory verse is talking about. We “fall short of God’s glory” because of our sin. No matter what we do, we can’t be good enough. Our sin keeps us from God’s perfect standard. Read Romans 6:23. Explain that the Bible says we deserve to die and not go to heaven because we can’t reach that mark. But God gives us the gift of eternal life when we trust in Jesus.

We hoped you these object lessons for teaching kids about sin. Are you looking for more Sunday school lessons for kids? We’ve got them!

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Jenny Funderburke is a blessed children's minister in Brandenton, FL who is loving life trying to do what God wants her to do with all of the families at West Bradenton Baptist Church.