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9 Priorities of the Children’s Ministry Leader

Priority #9  – Everything else.

I understand there are other important aspects of our ministry that have not been talked about in the previous posts. I get it. There are things that are urgent that we need to focus on. But I believe almost “everything else” qualifies as temporary priorities, at best.

Here’s a great quote from Craig Groeschel:

Our greatest fear should not be failure, but succeeding at things that don’t matter.” 

You see, most of what comes across our desk really isn’t all that important – things that don’t matter. Yet most of what’s really important doesn’t come across our desk on it’s own.

We must define our priorities and doggedly pursue them.

This means we learn to focus. This means we learn to delegate. This means we learn to say ‘no’. This means we make decisions according to our vision. This means we manage our time for influence. This means we raise up leaders. This means we don’t chase “the latest and greatest”. This means . . . we maintain our priorities.

Here’s something I encourage leaders to do:

Strive to make 75-80% of what you do things that ONLY you can do. 

The rest . . . well, that’s everything else.