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3 Crucial Conversations Parents Should Have With Their Preteens

As a pastor to preteens, I often see parents worried and anxious about having certain conversations with their child. It’s so important to make the most of these moments. These are conversations that every parent needs to have and every child wants to have with their parents. No matter how much these kids whine, complain, and try to run (in some cases) you must push thru to have those conversations.

So here are three talks that you should be thinking about having with your children very, very soon.

1. Purity, Sex, etc.

Last year, the youngest mom in America was 11 years old. Please don’t avoid this conversation because of fear. I cannot tell you how important it is to talk to your child about sex. Here are some pointers:

  • Don’t stress about having one big talk. Make a few small talks and encourage openness with your children.
  • Fight for your child’s heart. I hope that you have already established the idea of a heart thermostat. Check it often.
  • Know who is influencing your child. You are their gatekeeper; it’s your responsibility to know this.
  • Be honest about your experience. Don’t downplay sex. It’s enjoyable. You like it. It’s important that they know God created it for pleasure as well.

There are numerous resources available on talking about sex with your child. Be vulnerable and honest with your child, and they will respond. This generation can spot fakes faster and better than any generation before. They will be able to spot you if you are fake with your answers.