Priority One: Communication With Parents

I recently began a consultation with a church that involved a complete evaluation of their children’s ministry. One key area became the launching point that will lead to a significant improvement in the daily operations and long-term success of their ministry. The area in question: COMMUNICATION. One thing we cannot do is over-communicate! When we think we have communicated the message clearly, communicate it again.

Here are the steps we are taking to immediately improve in the area of Communication:

  1. Collect Data – Collect contact information from every family that attends a class or event. This can involve a simple sign-in sheet, a registration card or computer registration. The method is not nearly as important as being sure to acquire the data.
  2. Identify Methods of Communication – Email, cell phone, text, website, snail mail. Each of these connection points have value. While the tech-savvy family may be the norm, there will always be families who are just behind the curve. Be sure you do not overlook a potential method simply because of personal preference.
  3. Utilize Tools – Today there are so many exceptional tools available, and the great thing is that the majority are free. I love free! While most children’s ministries are working with a very tight budget, we can still communicate at little or no cost. Mass text (iPhone) and group text (Android) allow you to send a text to a group, and MailChimp is great for exceptional-looking emails.
  4. Create a Schedule – There are certain things that need to be communicated regularly, and there are upcoming events that need an extra push. Take a look at the ministry calendar and create a communication schedule.
  5. Make It Look Good – Every time we send a message, it should not only communicate details but also professionalism. Investing the time to make a communication piece look good is time well spent!

Remember, families are inundated with messages throughout the week. We must be sure our communication does not get overlooked in the daily shuffle. Give parents the who, what, when, where and how, while at the same time building the children’s/family ministry brand. 

What is your best advice for clear communication? Leave a comment and share your advice.