Don't Have Regrets as a Kidmin Leader!

Have you ever found yourself looking back and thinking, “Man, I wished I had     fill in the blank    .” 

It’s not a pleasant feeling knowing that you should have done things differently. Usually it has resulted in either missed opportunity or someone getting hurt (you or someone you care about). 

As a Children’s Ministry Leader – or any type of ministry leader, really – there are many things which we might look back on and wish we’d done differently. Here are a few things which I’ve heard in ministry circles and which I hope you never have to say in disappointment: 

  • “I wish I had spent as much time caring for the spiritual health of my own kids as I did for those in my ministry.” 
  • “I wish I’d focused more on people and less on program.” 
  • “I wish I’d made the Gospel more central in my ministry teaching, rather than just teaching good character.” 
  • “I wish I had read God’s Word for the sake of reading God’s Word and not just for preparing my lessons.” 
  • “I wish I’d done ministry with a team mentality rather than too often doing it alone.” 
  • “I wish I’d taken all the time off I was given instead of working through so much of it.”
  • “I wish I’d had more face to face conversations on the floor with kids rather than rushing through every Sunday morning putting out fires.”
  • “I wish I’d gone to the service more.” 
  • “I wish I’d been bolder in replacing tradition with vision.”
  • “I wish I’d developed people to lead ministry with me as much as I equipped people to do ministry with me.” 
  • “I wish I hadn’t let my work for the church replace my own relationship with God so often.”
  • “I wish … [ what would you add? ] 

3 Keys To A No-Regrets Ministry: 

  1. Have a personal spiritual growth plan that includes relationship and accountability. 
  2. Be intentional about identifying and living out priorities in both your personal and ministry life. 
  3. Think and invest in people first – whether that’s developing a leader or playing with a kid on the floor – people matter most!