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Does It Matter How Your Church Does Kids' Check-In? (Yes, It Does!)

Kids’ ministry isn’t something I write about much, but I’ve been chewing on kids’ check-in processes lately so here goes. Almost every church has a process for checking kids in on weekends, but not every church is making the best use of kids’ check-in processes.

Let’s quickly refresh our memories as to why we have kids check in and think about how our systems really matter. I’ll start with three quick ideas, and then I’ll camp out on a fourth one that’s absolutely essential.

1. Attendance.

This one’s a no-brainer. Knowing who is there or absent each week is valuable information.

It helps us see trends in family church-going habits. It helps us know who to call or send cards to when they’ve been gone. It allows us to execute better and more personal ministry.

2. Emergencies.

A good check-in system includes the ability to communicate with parents in the auditorium when their child has an emergency. 

From minor emergencies like a blown-out diaper to major emergencies like allergic reactions or injuries, it’s vital to be able to communicate with parents in a timely manner while minimizing distractions.

Churchteams, the church management software our church uses, allows us to text parents when there’s an emergency. I love this option because it really helps keep distractions down!

3. Guest Information.

Guests are never more open to giving a church their information than when they are checking in their kids. 

Good kids’ check-in processes capture all of their contact information, allowing staff and volunteers to follow up with guests.

4. Security.

This is the first thing most church leaders think of regarding kids’ check-in. We all want children and families to be safe in our churches.

But it’s important for us to remember that your kids’ ministry security is only as good as your procedures.