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16 Tips for Recruiting Children’s Ministry Volunteers

9. Network.

Your church likely has one or more individuals who are dependable, consistent volunteers. Equip them to spread the word about your group. Provide information and ideas. Also assemble a committee for recruiting children’s ministry volunteers.

10. Keep former leaders connected.

Encourage volunteer “alumni” to participate in special events, field trips and other activities. When their circumstances change, they may be ready to assist again.

11. Advertise.

Make the volunteer opportunities in your ministry easy to find. Reserve space on the church website, in the bulletin and newsletter, and on a bulletin board.

12. Involve the pastor.

Pastoral staff members are key for recruiting children’s ministry volunteers. That’s because people are especially responsive to a call for service during worship. Have the pastor announce volunteer needs from the pulpit and preach about the value of children. Also have the pastor pray for leaders publicly and encourage volunteerism. Ask the pastoral staff for referrals too. Let potential volunteers know the pastor recommended them. This helps people feel they can make a positive contribution.

13. Outline the job.

Before approaching anyone, prepare a volunteer job description. Don’t gloss over responsibilities because you think someone might back off. Instead, tell potential volunteers how much preparation time and tasks are involved.

14. Recruit “helpers” and “volunteers.”

The words “leader” and “teacher” can be intimidating. Some people are more comfortable with helping first and then moving on to leading. Veteran leaders can assist the helpers, who gradually learn to prepare and run certain program elements.

15. Stay positive.

Negative recruitment techniques may “work,” but they don’t produce the desired enthusiasm from volunteers. Instead of saying, “I’ve asked 300 people already…” try, “We need someone with your creative ideas to help with….”

16. Recruit one-on-one, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Take the potential leader out for coffee. Have sample curriculum available to review. Follow up with an email, or call in a few days for an answer.

What other tips do you have for recruiting children’s ministry volunteers?

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Holly Pippin is the Editorial Manager at Pioneer Clubs (pioneerclubs.org)--a weekly club ministry for children that helps churches teach children to follow Christ in every aspect of life by providing curriculum, training and resources for weekly club ministries, VBS, children's church and camps. She is a contributing writer to Choose Your Own Ending Devotions for children (Tyndale) and frequently contributes articles to ministry publications. She is passionate about reaching kids for Christ and kids in general, especially her three sons.