7 Reasons Leaders Avoid Parent Ministry

It’s been an amazing week for the Parent Ministry team at Group’s KidMin Conference. We have heard from some amazing leaders who have been investing in children’s pastors. One of our favorite leaders is Dr. Jim Burns that leads an organization we are crazy about called Home Word.

Jim taught several workshops this year at the conference, but one that he led was called Partnering with Parents. Jim pointed out that…

Our job is to help families succeed, not just take care of their children during the church services.

We believe that’s true, but so many times when we talk about the issue we see the wheels turning in next generation leaders’ minds. They are stuck wondering how it’s possible when they are so busy already. Jim pointed out that when you dig deeper you find some common fears that hold leaders back from partnering with families:

  1. It means more work. We are already all so busy, so who has time for all this!
  2. We may be insecure. Kids-fine, but parents intimidate us!
  3. Parental resistance. People like to keep their junk private, so many parents distance themselves from partnership.
  4. Lack of influence with the direction of the church. Many next-gen leaders feel isolated from having any voice when it comes to investing in adults.
  5. Conflict with leadership. Many times we feel like we are told by leadership “just take care of the kids.”
  6. Difficulty getting momentum. We have tried things in the past, and we did not get the participation we wanted.
  7. Over-programming. Families are already pulled in so many directions, and we feel we are adding to the noise.

The truth for all of us is that we can’t allow these fears and struggles to keep us from such an important calling. Parents need help. Parents want help. Let’s start small, but don’t let fear keep you from doing something.

Please go check out our friend Jim at Home Word. There are so many amazing resources there that will help you have a leg up on partnering with parents!  

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Michael is a follower of Christ, a husband, a dad and a pastor. He serves Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee as the Executive Pastor. He has served in multiple family ministry roles as a kids, student, and family pastor for 16 years. He’s also the Team Leader @ Parent Ministry for Kids and drinks way too much Diet Mountain Dew! Follow Michael on twitter at @michael_bayne.