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5 Things Parents Need From Your Preschool Ministry

When you think about partnering with parents everything starts with your preschool ministry!

I know that might be hard for you to wrap your minds around since you might not lead preschool ministry on Sunday mornings, but it’s true. Building significant relationships of trust and partnership should begin as soon as a couple begins the journey of being a parent! The more a preschool parent is partnered with their preschool ministry, the better shot your church has for sustained partnership.

We thought about this possibility backwards here at ParentMinistry.net. We launched this ministry working to connect teens and their parents, and what we learned along the way is that the sooner we can build bridges between the parent, the child and Jesus, the better! When preschool, children’s, and student leaders work together to influence parents, the impact potential is so much greater!

If you are a preschool leader, we hope we can help you invest in parents as you invest in their kids. We also know there are some basic things that will help you gain credibility with parents. Preschool parents are looking for partners. Your church can be a significant partner in your community for families. Here are five things every preschool parent is looking from a preschool ministry:

  1. A Safe and Engaging Environment: Every parent wants to make sure they have their kids in a safe places, but it also has to be engaging. Just think about the places you like taking your kids. Safety and engagement really matter! When you focus your efforts on safety and engagement, you are speaking the language of parents.
  2. Consistent Volunteers Who Love Their Kids: Every parent wants to know who the people are that invest in their kids. When volunteers engage and get to know parents, trust is birthed. Being a preschool volunteer is an opportunity, not just a slot to fill. Put your best leaders in preschool ministry!
  3. Spiritual Tools: Parents of preschoolers want a plan that will help them lead their children spiritually. Give them a path and a plan.
  4. Parenting Help and Problem Solving: Every preschool parent is looking for advice. Your preschool ministry can be a resource for parenting help week in and week out! Get practical help out to your parents on a regular basis and start the parenting conversation!
  5. Consistency and Reliability: Every parent is looking for a preschool ministry that delivers consistently on all of the things listed above. Never forget the small things that matter to preschool parents. Returned calls and emails, a listening ear, and a smiling face on Sunday matter so much!  
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Michael is a follower of Christ, a husband, a dad and a pastor. He serves Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee as the Executive Pastor. He has served in multiple family ministry roles as a kids, student, and family pastor for 16 years. He’s also the Team Leader @ Parent Ministry for Kids and drinks way too much Diet Mountain Dew! Follow Michael on twitter at @michael_bayne.