10 Reasons Kids Should Play Games at Church

Should you use games at church?  I’ve heard some children’s ministry leaders say “no.”

I understand why they say this, but with all due respect, I have to disagree.  I believe kids should play games at church.  Why?  Glad you asked.  Here are 10 reasons.

Games make church fun.  
I believe kids should have fun at church.  By “fun,” I mean church should be something they enjoy and connect with.  Kids were made to play games and have fun.  Games = fun for a kid.

Games reinforce the lesson.  
For those who don’t believe you should play games at church, I do agree with them on one thing.  You shouldn’t play games at church just to play games.  I believe games should be carefully planned to tie in to the truth you are teaching for the day.  It should be an element of the service that intentionally reinforces the lesson.

Games motivate kids to learn.
Games motivate kids to learn by presenting challenges, tasks and competition.

Games provide opportunities for hands on, participatory, interactive learning.
Games move kids from just listening to participating.  When kids participate, they learn more.
Games teach teamwork.
When you play group games, kids can learn that the body of Christ works together as each member does its part.

Games increase student engagement.
Since more learning styles are being used in games, student engagement increases.

Games are a great way to review the lesson.
Repetition is a key to learning.  Review games repeat what you taught.

Games help kids practice living out what was taught.
Games with decision making techniques can be used to help kids practice living out what they learned.

Games increases retention rates.
Games have an emotional impact.  Emotions is one of the cements of learning and one of the keys to long-term memory.

Games create a base for deeper questions.
Games are a great way to set up discussions and lead to deeper questions about what you’ve taught.

The floor is yours.  Do you believe kids should play games at church?  Why or why not?