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5 Big Reasons Why Kids Should Play Games at Church

Did you know that 97% of kids spend an average of 10 hours a week playing video games? Kids love games.

It’s important for kids to play games at church. Here’s 5 reasons why.

1. Games create an optimal learning environment. Games place kids in the zone of proximal development.

This means they are placed in a situation beyond what they can already do, but not so difficult that they can’t do it with guidance, persistence, and encouragement. In other words, they are placed between what they already know and what they are being challenged to learn. In this zone, kids can effectively learn God’s Word.

2. Games help kids learn to persist. Games teach kids not to give up but to keep going even when they fail.

3. Games can help simulate real life situations that help kids practice applying God’s Word to their life. It’s vital that kids apply God’s Word to their every day life. Through games you can place kids in real-life situations where they have to live out what they’ve just learned.

4. Games help make church fun. Games are fun. Each time we conquer a game, we get a shot of dopamine in our brains which stimulates good feelings. Games will bring excitement to your children’s ministry.

5. Games help kids remember the lesson. Repetition is a key to learning. Review games help kids repeat back what you’ve taught them.

The floor is yours. Do you play games at church? How do you use them? What tips do you have playing games at church? Is there a site or resource you use to find games? Share with us in the comment section below.