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5 Reasons You Need To Stop Recruiting For Children’s Ministry

Now, how intentionally do you pursue those characteristics when you are sharing your vision for Children’s Ministry. When we post a note in the bulletin, or do a cattle call from the podium, or send out a desperate email on Saturday night – are we being intentional about the people we are placing in our ministry? Or are we just filling slots? Are we ensuring the safety of our kids (physically, emotionally and, yes, spiritually)? Or are we taking a chance that good people will respond?

You see, when we cast a broad, open net, we aren’t really sure who’s going to respond. I understand that there should be a screening process in place which “catches” the bad ones. My experience, however, as I’ve worked with hundreds of churches, is that we cast a broad net in order to fill slots, and often (very often) either don’t have that screening process in place, or bypass some of the important steps in order to accelerate assimilation.

Either way, we are putting our children at risk.

So what are we to do? 

1. Know your vision backwards and forward (aligning it with the overall vision of the church).

2. Know how to articulate that vision backwards and forward.

3. Identify key leaders and equip them to share that vision backwards and forward (are you getting that it’s really all about the vision…and you can’t do this by yourself?).

4. Clearly identify the opportunities of your ministry based on the vision, not based on “open slots”.

5. As you and your team share the vision and people get excited about and respond to the vision, invite them to consider the available opportunities.

6. Have a non-negotiable assimilation process (which includes high-level screening, ministry orientation and basic equipping) through which you take them.

7. Have a systematic follow up process (you and your key leaders) and take care of your volunteer leaders (encourage, equip and engage) in order to help them keep the vision before them and maintain their commitment.

Here’s the bottom line: Don’trecruit people to a desperate need…invite them to a God-size vision.