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Want to Encourage Your Volunteers? Show Them This Picture

If you want to encourage your volunteers, show them the picture below. It’s a sign at Disney World.

Walt said this years ago right before Disneyland opened. He knew the employees would be the key to making the park a magical place for kids and families.

The same is true for children’s ministry. You can have the coolest buildings, best curriculum, most effective processes … but without people … it will just be an empty shell. Volunteers are the key to a great children’s ministry.

Last week, I shared this picture with our volunteers and here’s what I told them.

“Ally, who leads at our Royal Palm Campus, saw this picture at Disney this week and thought of you .. .the amazing volunteers of CFKids. It’s not the buildings or programs that are changing kids’ lives. It’s you. God is working through you to impact the next generation. Thank you for your heart for God and the kids. You make the dream a reality!”

You can share this picture with your volunteers by right clicking it and choosing “save as” or “copy image.” Share it … you’ll make their day!