Seeing Kingdom Potential in Each Child

Seeing Kingdom Potential in Each Child

As a little girl, I loved to go to church. I mean loved  It was the favorite part of my week. I remember walking through the doors of my church excited to be with friends and adults that I loved. The atmosphere in that pink (yes, pink!) classroom was warm and welcoming. The adult leaders taught me songs and scripture verses that I still remember to this day (and sing aloud occasionally). I was introduced to Bible stories that deeply impacted my life. These precious experiences impacted my life so deeply that I wanted other kids to love going to church just as much as I did. Little did I know at that moment that God was preparing me for the call He had on my life.

When I began serving in Children’s Ministry as an adult, that desire was my drive…I wanted other kids to love going to church just as much as I did—even more than I did! I wanted to create experiences that would help kids know how much the God who created them loved them and cherished them. I wanted children to make friendships that could become lifelong. I wanted children to treasure God’s Word and be excited to learn it, know it and do what it says. I wanted children to develop a love of Jesus, one that would sustain them a lifetime.

You see, for me, leading Children’s Ministry is remembering that each child has Kingdom potential. That means seeing each child who walks through the doors of my church as children who might one day grow up and be a dynamic Christ-follower. That means seeing them not as the church of tomorrow but as the church of today. God is working in their lives now, preparing them for the call He has on their lives.

Who but God knows the future He has for them? Maybe the next great theologian, pastor, ministry leader or church planter is sitting in one of your classrooms right now. Maybe God is preparing a boy or girl in your ministry to be the next author, politician, artist, business leader or teacher to turn the world upside down for His honor and glory.

That’s why what we do each week is so much bigger than what we can see with our human eyes. Each week, we are privileged to welcome children through the doors of our church…children who come to us with all sort of family backgrounds, personalities, gifts, talents and potential. What we are part of is Kingdom investment right now. What an honor to be part of influencing the life of a child who might change the world and shine bright for Jesus!

If you’re a kidmin leader or volunteer, there’s something I’d like to challenge you to do. The next time you hold your mid-week or weekend programming, I want you to look around at all of the children in attendance. Look them in the eye. Look beyond the challenging behavior, family circumstances or personality issues. Look at them through a new, fresh lens…as one who could make Jesus known to a world who desperately needs Him.

If you’re a parent, there’s something I’d like to challenge you to do. Do everything you can to plug your child into a church that helps them know and follow Jesus, one that challenges them to grapple with what they believe and challenges them to put their faith in action. Attend church regularly so that your child can be connected to leaders and peers who can encourage them along their spiritual journey. Help them see the church as another voice to speak into their lives.  

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