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Story of St. Valentine: Share the Holiday’s History With Children

The emperor became so furious that he ordered Valentine to renounce his faith. Because Valentine wouldn’t do that, Claudius gave orders to beat him with clubs. When Valentine still wouldn’t renounce Jesus, Claudius ordered him stoned to death and beheaded. Valentine’s burial occurred on February 14, which is now known as Valentine’s Day.

The story of St. Valentine offers these key lessons for kids:

  • It’s important to share the Gospel.
  • Marriage is important to God.
  • Don’t let anything, even death, stop you from declaring Jesus is Lord.

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Tamera Kraft has 30 years experience in children's ministry and founded Revival Fire Kids Ministry in 2007 in her hometown of Akron, Ohio. Tamera received the Church of God National Children’s Leader’s Association Shepherd’s Cup in 2007 for lifetime achievement and advancement in children’s ministry. Tamera has taught in national workshops and has conducted kid’s crusades, church camps, and children’s camp meeting services as well as consultations and teacher training for a number of churches.