How to Pastor a PK

Trust me, there is nothing more annoying as a kid than to have an adult tattle on you to your parents.

Leaders who are harder on PKs than others.

This is what the chapel speaker was doing.

My dad was the children’s pastor at a large church that also had a private Christian school. So, all of my school mates and teachers knew who my dad was.

One day out of frustration, I said, “This sucks.” Granted, this is a gray-area word, not an actual swear word, but close. I got chewed out by my teacher. She said, “You’re a pastor’s kid, you should know better.”

I think the thing that people forget is that PKs are still kids. They did not sign up to be a PK or to be held a higher standard.

Should they know better? Maybe. But they are still kids! They need God’s grace just like everyone else in your class. Let’s give them a break!

Leaders who actually pastor PKs.

As a parent, I find it hard to pastor my own child. (I might write a whole blog about this later.) I think that most pastors find it hard to both pastor and parent their children.

The job of the parent and the job of a pastor are similar, but oh so different.

They both: love, encourage, challenge.

But I think the main difference is that the pastor sees things in the child’s life that the parent might not.