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18 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Children’s Ministry Leader

12. Only so many marshmallows can fit into a child’s mouth before coming through their nose. This is very important to know.

13. You will be part of shaping the very type of faith that Jesus desires (Mark 10:16)

14. You may relinquish your rights to attend the main service ever again. But try not to because attending “big” church is critical for you.

15. You are not primarily responsible for the spiritual growth of a child, parents are. Work hard at not assuming that responsibility, because parents can be really good at abdicating it unknowingly.

16. Saturday night dates with your spouse will forevermore be spent frantically trying to find substitute teachers.

17. That the Holy Spirit can work powerfully in a child’s life, just as in an adult’s (in other words, there is no Jr. Holy Spirit).

18. It may be the most complex and challenging ministry to lead in the church, but really, it’s not that hard. 

What else should you know before becoming a Children’s Ministry Leader?

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