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Grow Your Children’s Ministry in the New Year With 10 Key Steps

Read more about ratios in this article. The success of your children’s ministry will rise and fall on the strength of your volunteer team. You can also get my book The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams at this link.

7. A children’s ministry that grows provides a fun, exciting experience for children.

Instead of just lecturing kids, these programs use interactive, engaging elements. Those include games, discussions, visual props, activities, crafts and more.

Smiles and laughter are evident in the hallways. Kids look forward to coming and even drag their parents along. If you stand by classroom doors, you hear kids enthusiastically answer “yes” when parents ask, “Did you have fun today?”

This doesn’t mean the truth is watered down. But it does mean teachers present Bible lessons in age-appropriate ways that create an irresistible environment.

8. A children’s ministry that grows reaches parents.

Thriving kidmin programs know that to keep a family, they must reach children and parents. They have a strategy in place to connect with, engage and share the Gospel with parents. For a proven strategy that has reached thousands of parents, check out this link.

Remember: When we reach a child, we change a life. But when we reach parents, we change an entire family. And that’s when exponential growth happens!

9. A children’s ministry that grows is outwardly focused.

They go all-out to reach children and families who are far from God. Their mission is fulfilling the Great Commission. They spend time outside the church serving and being the hands and feet of Jesus in their community. They’re so passionate about reaching people they won’t get bogged down with petty issues, tradition, disunity or playing church.

Often a congregation lives out the outward focus by starting new campuses. As a result, a large percentage of children’s ministries that grow are multi-site.

10. A children’s ministry that grows knows that growth comes from God and depends on him. 

While they work as if everything depends on them, they pray as if everything depends on God… Because they know it does. Before, during and after they do the steps above, they beg God to work in and through them. They know that “all is vain unless the Spirit of the Lord comes down.”

They will plant… They will water… and wait for God to give the increase.

I pray God pours out His blessings on your children’s ministry in the new year. May He bring you more children. More parents, grandparents, volunteers. More finances and resources, vision, passion, and fruit!

This article about ministry growth originally appeared here.