Special Needs Ministry First-Year Goals

Mount Paran Church – Unlimited Special Needs MInistry 
Year One Ministry Goals and Timeline 

Month 1:

  • Determine families and individuals impacted by special needs
  • Create ministry forms
    • Individualized Plan (detailed for myself)
    • Individualized Plan at a glance (summary for volunteers & staff)
  • Contact Families for interviews
  • Begin volunteer recruitment and establish volunteer pool
  • Recruit mentor families

Month 2:

  • Determine which existing volunteers inside preschool, children’s and student ministry environments are willing to be trained for inclusion model
  • Create budget for the ministry
  • Continue parent interviews
  • Work with existing children’s ministry leaders to assess needs for buddies or other inclusion strategies
  • Research paid, trained and bonded childcare providers and agencies for emergency needs
  • Plan transitional accommodations for large group and small group
  • Train volunteers already working with students with additional needs

Month 3:

  • Provide pointers to students about including peers with special needs
  • Work with ministry leaders and parents to begin transitioning identified students to individualized accommodation plans
  • Recruit and train volunteers for transition environment(s)
  • Continue working with preschool, children’s and student ministry leaders to identify and meet the needs of students
  • Begin planning training sessions to meet the needs of adults with intellectual disability

Month 4:

  • Assess transitional plans for each student
    Student A – Transitioning from elementary to student ministry
    Student B – Transitioning small groups within same ministry area
    Students C – M…
  • Reassess volunteer pool and budget concerns (i.e., materials/equipment needs)

Month 5:

  • Finalize budget needs for 2014 fiscal year
  • Refine environment, goals, accommodations, progress and volunteer placement for each identified student

Month 6:

  • Continue refining environments, goals, accommodations for identified students
  • Make plans for new enrollment of students to come through special needs ministry
  • Create plan for staff and volunteers to be rolled out as part of Lead Small training events
  • Begin modifying curriculum as needed
  • Set volunteer training goals and curriculum modification goals
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Amy Fenton Lee
Amy Fenton Lee is a writer and speaker focused on helping churches successfully include children with special needs. She is a regular contributor to children’s ministry publications and a variety of other Christian and secular magazines. Amy is a passionate children’s ministry volunteer and the daughter of a church senior pastor. Amy is a frequent speaker at children’s ministry conferences. Amy blogs about special needs inclusion at The Inclusive Church.

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