Special Needs Ministry First-Year Goals

Month 7:

  • Focus on intense volunteer recruitment
  • Continue to assess effectiveness of program

Month 8:

  • Schedule appointments to meet with and interview adults who need to transition out of youth ministry
  • Begin monthly trainings for staff and volunteers
  • Begin assessing inclusion opportunities for summer children’s ministry experiences
  • Work with respective ministry leaders to discuss opportunities for smaller small group sizes

Month 9:

  • Continue staff and volunteer training events
  • Continue researching what is needed to make summer experiences inclusive
  • Schedule meetings/interviews with identified adults with special needs who attend worship

Months 10 – 12:

  • Continue outstanding items from previous months

Month 12:

  • Reassess all aspects of current plan for ministry
  • Revisit needs and goals of ministry (What is going well? What needs to change?)
  • Explore additional long term ministry opportunities:
  • Questions for our team:
    How can we improve the ministry for the kids?
    What is better now than one year ago?
    How do we move forward?
    What’s next?
    What kids are we currently serving?
    What consistent volunteers do we have?
    Commitment luncheon for special needs ministry?

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Amy Fenton Lee
Amy Fenton Lee is a writer and speaker focused on helping churches successfully include children with special needs. She is a regular contributor to children’s ministry publications and a variety of other Christian and secular magazines. Amy is a passionate children’s ministry volunteer and the daughter of a church senior pastor. Amy is a frequent speaker at children’s ministry conferences. Amy blogs about special needs inclusion at The Inclusive Church.

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