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The Top 5 Policies to Include in Volunteer Training

Child Pick Up
When picking up a child, the parent must show the pick-up tag with security code that matches the security code on the child’s nametag. ALL PARENTS must show a pickup tag.

  • No child will be released to a sibling or family member under the age of 16, even with a pickup tag.
  • Children 2 and under should be handed to parents over the door when possible. Avoid opening the door in a way that might provide children with an opportunity to run out of the classroom.

4. Lost Security Tag Procedure

If a parent or guardian has lost the security tag to be used for pick-up, they must be directed to the nearest assisted check-in desk to complete an Authorization for Release form. If any volunteer encounters a parent who has lost the security tag, the initial response can be:

“I am not authorized to release children to parents without a security tag. You will need to go to the check-in desk and they will be able to help you. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but we have this policy to protect every child and family.”

If possible, the Classroom Support Leader or volunteer will escort the parent or guardian to the nearest check-in desk. At the desk, the parent will be asked to show their Driver’s License to a staff member. If the parent does not have a photo ID, the staff member will verify the family information through the church database and a series of security questions. Once the information has been verified, the green Authorization for Release form with a Fellowship Kids staff signature may be used in place of the security tag for pick-up of the child.

If a child should lose their tag and the security code was not recorded on the classroom roster, contact the Classroom Support Leader or Fellowship Kids staff member. A new tag will need to be printed from the check-in area before the child is released to the parent.

5. Volunteer Identification

We make every effort to keep Fellowship Kids safe. Below are our policies concerning volunteer identification in Fellowship Kids.

  • All volunteers are required to check-in via electronic kiosk. Only adults and students who are approved to serve will be able to generate a name tag. Please see the Policy Manual for instructions regarding a Visiting Adult or Substitute Volunteer.
  • All volunteers are required to wear a volunteer lanyard for an added method of visible identification.

I would love to hear your ministry’s top policies and how you equip your teams through volunteer training. Leave a comment with your best advice so that we can all learn from you!

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