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Questions About Faith: 8 Tips for Responding to Children

6. Always point back to Scripture. 

Always! Start with what the Bible says. If Scripture doesn’t say anything about a particular topic, then mention that. “The Bible doesn’t really say…”

7. Always separate your opinion from the Bible. 

This is especially important for questions that Scripture doesn’t directly address. Make sure kids know that you are sharing what you think, not what is straight from the Bible.

8. “I don’t know” is a perfectly good answer. 

It’s totally okay to ask children to give you some time. Say you need to find an answer. Or suggest that you research the question together. You don’t have to be the walking library of answers. In fact, it’s very good to model that none of us knows everything.
What advice would you add to these tips? What’s the toughest question you’ve had to answer?
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