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Free Bible Lesson – Exodus “Jesus My Redeemer”

Sin Chair Skit 
Objects Needed –
1 – Chair
1 – Sign with the word sin on it.

Cast needed –
1 – Worldly person plays with the sin and gets stuck
1 – One Pharisee Christian – thinks that he is too good to sin
1 – True Christian – helps them out

Procedure –

Worldly Man – (Comes out, walks around, sees the chair, is tempted to touch it and eventually does and gets stuck to it, begins to scream for help) Help me I’m stuck! (Struggles for quite a while trying to free himself using his feet for leverage to try to free his hand. Doing things like hopping around with the chair becoming more and more desperate to be free, hears someone coming and quickly covers up he fact that he is stuck so as not to look foolish.)
Pharisee – (Walks by looking smug) Hello there fine sir how are you today?
Worldly Man – (nervously) I’m…uh, uh, OK, why?
Pharisee – Just wondering because I am doing very well because I am so holy.
Worldly Man – Well I must be honest with you, I am a bit stuck here, do you think that you could help me out since you are a Holy man?
Pharisee – Let me think about it. I wouldn’t have a problem getting stuck because I don’t sin, but I am not sure if I want to touch the likes of you.
Worldly Man – Please, I am desperate.
P – Oh alright, but I want you to know that the only reason that I am doing this is so that I can tell everyone how Holy I am. (reaches out to help him and gets stuck)
WM – Great now we are both stuck. I thought that you were supposed to be this great holy man.
(Now both the worldly man and the Pharisee try together to free themselves through a variety of creative ways using each other to try to make it easier to become free. Finally desperation sets in and they realize that they need someone else to come set them free.)
True Christian – (walks by and notices that there are a couple of people stuck on a chair) Hey guys what’s going on.
WM – (upset) Nothing!
Pharisee – (Prideful) Exactly nothing, we are fine.
True Christian – Actually you do look like you need a little bit of help there.
WM – You’re are right, we do.
P – Speak for yourself.
WM – Come on, we need someone to help us.
P – Oh alright.
TC – Actually I can’t help you, but I know someone who can.
WM – Whoever it is, I don’t care, we need help.
TC – This person is my best friend, Jesus Christ. It says right here in the Bible (pull out a pocket bible) that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, even you, Pharisee. All that you need to do to break from that sin in your life is to ask God to take it away and he will. Just tell him that you need him and that you are sorry for all the things that you have done.
WM – Really?
P – All these years I have been trying so hard by doing good works to get to heaven, if I would have only known it is that easy.
TC – Let’s pray. (True Christian leads them into a prayer and they say amen and are free from the chair. They both give True Christian a big hug and they all walk off together rejoicing.)

Teaching – In that last skit, kids, we saw how sin wants to attach itself to you to destroy you so that you lose your love for Jesus and your love for other people.
In the Bible it says that whoever is forgiven much loves much. We have a reason to love much because why? JESUS SAVED ME! That is true and we have a special guest here tonight. Listen very closely to the story about my good friend Hanky Chief.

Hanky Chief – Object Lesson
Materials needed-
2 – large jars big enough to fit you hand in
1 – white cotton handkerchief
1 – heavy duty spray starch
1 – bottle iodine (red) put a skull and crossbones on the bottle
1 – sodium sulfite (photograde) – You can find this chemical at any place they develop film.

Preparation –
Mark one of the jar lids (sin & works)
Mark the other jar lid (forgiveness – Jesus)
Prior to presentation one hour: Spray entire open handkerchief with starch, both sides, heavy application. Then allow handkerchief to hang and air dry.
Following the handkerchief drying. Fold it into halves three times.
A few minutes before presentation – Fill both jars ½ full of warm water. (Important: The water must be very warm for the chemical to work.)
Place four heaping tablespoons of sodium sulfite into the jar marked (forgiveness – Jesus).
Spray starch approx. three seconds into jar marked (sin – works).
Place both jars a few feet apart on the table with the chemicals out ready to go.

The Presentation –

Hello boys and girls, I am going to tell you a story about a very close friend of mine. His name is Hanky Chief.
Hanky lived his life much like you and me. He loved going to school just like all of you. He loved playing and running up and down his streets carefree. He loved many of the same things you and I like, the only difference is that Hanky had never heard about Jesus.
He had no way of knowing that there was someone who would take away all of his sins who would forgive him of everything. (Take out the bottle of red Iodine.)
Do you see this bottle—it has a symbol of death on it (pointing to the skull and crossbones). If we drink this we will die. It says in the Bible that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. Does that mean when we sin that we fall dead? If that were true none of us would be here right now. What that means is that when we do die, we will be separated forever from Jesus. What are some of the things that we do that separate us from God? (Allow for responses.) (As the kids offer suggestions take the handkerchief over the iodine bottle and turn upside down top allow iodine to soak through several layers of the handkerchief. Do this five times, once in each corner of the handkerchief and once in the middle.)

Even though Hanky has sinned, do you want to know how God sees Hanky? (Open up the handkerchief and show the kids that it is clean.) But Hanky still needs to ask for forgiveness to remove the stain of sin in his life. So Hanky was feeling really bad so he asked one of his friends, Bandana, how he could get rid of this sin. Bandana said it’s easy, just do good things for people, you get rid of your sin by doing good works. So Hanky decided to help an old lady across the street, mow his neighbor’s lawn, and was very nice and polite to everyone he met. (As you say a good deed begin dunking the handkerchief in the jar marked sin & works) All these things are good things but they do not remove sin from our lives.

In fact look at Hanky now, he is an even bigger mess, he looks like a filthy rag. Hey you know that it says in the Bible that our best works are like filthy rags just like Hanky. Well Hanky went back to school the next day a little discouraged because he felt worse than he did before. Until he ran into his other friend Washed Cloth who was a Christian and attended ROCK Church (the name of your children’s church). Washed Cloth told Hanky that he needs to come to ROCK Church with him. Hanky was so desperate he would do anything to remove this stain of sin from his life. Hanky went and he heard from the pastor that the only person who can take away our sins is Jesus Christ. He came to earth to die for our sin-stained lives by living a perfect life. He died on the cross for us and rose from the grave in three days and now sits at the right hand of God up in heaven. To be forgiven of your sins you only need to ask Jesus to forgive you and to come into your life and have full control of every area of your life. He will forgive every sin you have ever committed and ever will commit. Hanky was so excited about how great this felt and how easy it was that he went and told everyone he knew what Jesus has done for him. (Begin dunking the handkerchief into the jar marked sin & works—the reddish water—the water becomes clear.) When our lives are touched by Jesus, we want to run out and tell everyone what he has done for us. So Hanky and all his family were saved that day. Jesus took all their sins and made them white as snow.