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Free Bible Lesson – Exodus “Jesus My Redeemer”

Conclusion –
Do you know, kids, that Jesus can do for you just what he did for Hanky? Jesus died on the cross for all the sins that you have ever committed and will ever commit. Today we learned that Jesus Saved Me! We learned that if we were the only person on earth Christ would have still died on the cross for us. We learned that Jesus came to save us like a fireman rescues people from the fire. Jesus is our redeemer—because he died for us we will live for him. Before we go I want to give every boy and girl in this room an opportunity to do what we have heard. We want to make sure that no one goes home without the opportunity that Hanky Chief had to ask Jesus to take away the stain of sin in his life. So if you don’t know Jesus, raise your hands. Now everyone who raised their hands come forward because the Bible says that if we are embarrassed about Jesus here on earth that when we get to heaven he will be embarrassed of us before his father. So come forward and we will have one of our workers pray with you.


Have a chair with Jesus’ Name on a piece of paper taped to the chair. Have the kids face away from the chair and have the SG leader read a list of various sins that people commit. With each sin have the kids take one step away from the chair after you have read quite a few and the kids are as far away as possible have them turn around and explain how sin takes us away from Jesus.

Are you born again (a Christian)?
What does it mean to be “born again”?
When did you ask Jesus into your life?
What did Jesus do for you and me?
How do you know that you are born again (a Christian)?
What is the worst part about not going to heaven? (being separated from Jesus)
Who can you tell this week that Jesus loves them?
We need to be thankful that Jesus died on the cross so we can go to heaven!

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