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Illness Policy for Children’s Ministry: How to Handle Cold & Flu Season

6. Train it!

Make sure your kidmin staff knows and enforces the illness policy. It’s for their health too.

7. Equip your workers and volunteers.

Keep gloves, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial soap in your kidmin rooms. Realize that kids can get sick when away from home too. If a child looks feverish, we keep forehead thermometers on hand. In most instances, they want Mom or Dad at this point anyway. If a fever is present, we page parents.

8. Encourage health.

Remind your staff that drinking water and eating a good diet strengthens their immune system.

9. Provide options.

Although we don’t allow children to come to Sunday school sick, we realize some parents will come anyway. They can sit in the televised areas with their child, but we don’t allow sick kids in classrooms.

10. Have backup plans.

I’d love to say our teachers never get sick, but they do. And this illness policy counts for them as well. We love our helpers and hope they can attend. But if they’re sick, we want them to stay home and rest. This time of year, beefing up the on-call list helps teachers know they won’t leave anyone in a bind if they’re sick.

I hope you find this information about a children’s ministry illness policy useful. Stay healthy!