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How to Partner With Parents in Your Children’s Ministry Each Week

More Practical Tips for How to Partner With Parents

4. Share kids’ responses to an application question.

Small-group leaders also write kids’ prayer requests on the take-home sheet.

We believe if we can give parents something practical to work on with their kids, as well as something specific to pray with their kids about every week, it goes a long way in helping parents realize the power of discipling their kids.

Here’s a screenshot of what our take-home papers look like:

5. Share parenting advice from experts.

Every Sunday we send an email to parents. It includes a link to the group Bible app devotional, a link to the large-group presentation (see #6), and a parenting article to build skills. We use theparentcue.org for articles to share with parents.

6. We share the large-group lesson with parents.

For our lessons, we recently transitioned from using Pro-Presenter to Google Slides. A key reason is because Google Slides is cloud-based. That means we can easily share lessons with parents.

In the weekly email, we always include a link to everything we reviewed in our large group. This lets parents review material with their kids. It also allows families who were absent to go through the lesson on their own, if desired.

Here’s a link to a sample lesson: bit.ly/Invisible-World-Sample

Application Question: Which of these ideas for how to partner with parents can you implement within the next two weeks?

Share: If these kidmin tips are helpful, pass them along to someone who can benefit.