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Easter Object Lesson for Kids: Forgiven and Brand New

Say: Let’s say the egg inside represents you. The shell represents your sin, and my hand represents God. God (my hand) wants to hold you (the egg) and have a relationship with you. But the shell (your sin) is in the way. The shell is like sin. It keeps you separated from God.

Next, show children the egg that had been in vinegar for a week.

Say: When you come to God and confess all your sins and disobedience, and when you claim Jesus as the One who took the punishment for your sin, then God forgives you. God no longer sees your sin (the shell) and makes you into someone brand new. Now God can hold you!

Say: It’s a mystery how this egg no longer has its shell. And it’s a mystery how God can forgive our sins and make us new. But it’s real. God will and He does!

PRO TIP: Sunday school children will want to see the egg up close and touch it. As they do, encourage them to repeat the Easter object lesson behind the shell-less egg.