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Change the World: Help Your Kids Avoid Negative Christianity

6) Positive Christianity focuses on the positive message of unsaved people hearing and receiving the Gospel’s power in order to change their sinful lives. Negative Christianity focuses on the negative message of people changing their sinful lives in order to experience the Gospel’s power.

7) Positive Christianity sees the church as a hospital for sinners. Negative Christianity sees the church as a showcase for saints.

8) Positive Christianity’s focus is on God’s grace. Negative Christianity’s focus is on man’s goodness.

9) Positive Christianity finds more fulfillment in what God has done for me. Negative Christianity finds more fulfillment in what I have done for God.

10) Positive Christianity lives in the full understanding of the freedom we have been given in Christ – that all my sins, past, present, and future, have been forgiven, and God sees me as perfectly righteous because of Christ. Negative Christianity lives with the constant guilt and shame that I will never measure up or be good enough, no matter how hard I try.

In short – Positive Christianity is a POSITIVE thing, and the world can see it! Negative Christianity is a negative thing, and sadly, the world sees that too. There is nothing more positive that this dark, negative world needs more than what CHRISTianity has to offer. And if the world can’t see that through us, maybe it’s time for us to evaluate why. Because even though we may be right in what we believe, if we are not right in the way we present it to the world, they may very well miss the Gospel.

Time is too short, and souls are too precious, for me to focus my families’ time and attention on negative Christianity. We have the most powerful message and cure that the world will ever know or experience, and it’s our job to get it to them before it’s too late.

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” JOHN 9:4 

My prayer for my children is that they would understand and see firsthand in my life that being a Christian is the greatest and most positive life that they could ever live. I want them to have every reason to share with the world the glorious life-changing message of the Gospel, and every reason for the world to WANT what they have because they see it for what it truly is – the best thing that could EVER happen to anyone!

So, which type of Christianity best describes you and your family… and how could you increase your emphasis on positive Christianity?

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