Ministry Marketing: SWOT analysis

Maybe you don’t feel like you can totally take on the brunt of change in your ministry and the way they market themselves? Would you like a very easy and practical way to get started without having to just totally destroy any bridge you might have by asking for a total overhaul? Or would you just like to get your feet wet a little bit? Or are you just ready to get past the overly utilized, yet classic infomercial introductory question time?

Then the SWOT analysis is for you!!!

But seriously a great place to start is a SWOT. Contrary to what you might think this has nothing to do with slapping anyone’s wrists or destroying insects, but instead has everything to do with gaining a little focus for your ministry.

Simple Overview Time!

SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Ask yourself some questions about each of these.


  • What would the community say are the strengths of our ministry?
  • What assets do we possess? (financial, property, key relationships, or maybe just awesome people)?
  • What needs are we meeting in the community?
  • We are incredible at…


  • What would the community say are some weaknesses that are present?
  • Do we have any liabilities?
  • Are there some needs that are obvious that we are not meeting?
  • We are pretty much bad at…


  • Are there trends in your community that you can support, be a part of, or contribute to?
  • Are there needs in the community that we can meet that no one else is?
  • What opportunities are there in the community that align with out strengths?
  • We could really do…


  • Any community trends that could hinder your impact?
  • Long Term Plans?
  • What is the plan after this leadership is gone?
  • We could do this, but…

Again this is a pretty basic SWOT. But it’s a great place to start the process and gives you some nice ideas with where to go from where you are now!

Hope this helps you out. Have you ever been a part of a SWOT analysis? Give me some details, let me know what the process was like.  

by J.C. Thompson
J.C. Thompson is the Elementary Production Director at Brookwood Church in Simpsonville, SC. He is married to the beautiful Kristen Thompson and his blog can be found at and follow him on Twitter.
Used with permission from J.C. Thompson.