Equipping Parents – The Timing Factor

Equipping parents for spiritual conversations with their kids is one of the most important things we can do in kids ministry.  Easter weekend is particularly a great time for this.

In the kidmin world, Easter weekend prep starts in February.  We spend a great deal of time and energy making sure we have the volunteer schedule stocked, curriculum is  ready to go, materials are purchased and environments are pristine in preparation for the mass of kids and families.  It’s a weekend where we take more care than normal to ensure the message taught is that much more compelling.

Knowing it’s a key opportunity to capture families that have never been to our church (or retain the ones that haven’t returned since Christmas!) the need to make sure every detail is in place is critical.  But one item I’ve missed in the past is equipping parents for the aftermath conversations.

Don’t get me wrong.  We’ve always had something to put in the child’s hand to serve as a conversation starter.  Something that prompts them to talk to mom or dad about what they learned.

But what have I put in the parents hands to help them?

On Easter weekend (just as every other weekend), kids are going to hear the Truth… digest the Truth… and hopefully respond to the Truth.  If the message accomplishes what I pray it does, then kids will be processing long after they leave the church.

So, who’s most likely to be the one helping them process?  Parents

And if mom or dad is the one most likely to respond to the questions kids have about the gospel then what easy to use resource can I give them to help?

When I consider the parent that has just responded to the gospel message themselves, I cannot assume they are prepared to walk their child through this decision.  They barely grasp it themselves.  So, what tool can I put in their hands to lead them as they lead their child?

February is coming to a close.

Easter weekend will be here soon.

This is the question I’m asking.


by Gina McClain
A self-described Christ-follower, wife, mom, writer, speaker, kids’ pastor and coffee snob, Gina McClain cannot organize a closet to save her life, but can paint a vision for why the closet should be organized and recruit the talent to make it happen. She formerly served as a LifeKIDS Pastor at the OKC Campus of LifeChurch.tv. You can find out more about Gina and her love for children’s ministry at GinaMcClain.com
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