Forward Momentum

When I think of turning a tide, I imagine a series of consistent movements in the right direction that create momentum.  A sage lesson learned from Jim Collins in Good to Great.  With each turn on the fly-wheel momentum builds and the effort required to push decreases as the strength of the forward motion increases.

Momentum gets you over the hurdles.

Momentum pushes through the obstacles.

Momentum becomes a magnet that draws people in.

When an area of your ministry is headed one direction… I don’t believe there is a single event, stage announcement, talk notes ‘blurb’ or video promotion that will cause an about-face.  It isn’t one right thing that will solve the problem, but a series of right things.

Not a single step to walk a mile, but a series of steps.

Not a single scoop of ice cream to make sundae but a series of scoops.  Okay… that didn’t make sense… but ice cream sounds good right now. Back on track.

You can’t create change without forward momentum.  And momentum is a multi-step process.

For example, when in a volunteer “slump”, a single volunteer connection event will not meet our needs entirely.  A single bulletin note will not effectively communicate the opportunities to serve.  A single weekend of intentional invitations will not fill all the holes.

But a series of these events and actions working in tandem can generate forward momentum moving you closer to the goal… a full team of volunteers.

For the record… you’re biggest money-maker in the aforementioned list is a culture of invitation.  The healthiest teams of volunteers I’ve seen are those that multiply through personal invitation.

So, rarely will I assess an event or action as the single solution to a problem. I just don’t think that happens.   Instead I prefer to orchestrate a series of events & actions that work together to move us toward the solution.