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Brookwood Church’s Adventure Week starts today!!

Our Week long Adventure Week/VBS/Day Camp for kids starts today! I’m pumped. We’ve got a few kids and volunteers that will be here this week.

I plan to post a little bit about our Adventure Week Philosophy and hope to talk about some of the things mentioned in a cmconnect forum mentioning VBS Alternatives, Paying for VBS, and Does VBS still work? I’m sure it will be an interesting discussion for sure.

But with all the fun things that we talk about I hope that you will join us in prayer this week. Pray that kids experience life in Christ as they go thru this week with a volunteer, and that for this week they will associate Church and fun together.

Those are the two goals that we have for this week. And we’ve done a lot to accomplish these goals, but nothing happens without God intervening. Pray that He does and the glory ONLY goes to Him.