Expository Sermon Series Graphics

Sometimes designing sermon series graphics can be tough. It’s a design niche riddled with puns,
goofiness, and bad art, which is problematic for
artists on the hunt for design inspiration.

What you create is a direct result of your inputs.

This is true of everything in life. If you want to be a better designer, surround yourself with the best quality you can find. If you want to worsen or stagnate your skills, surround yourself with subpar work.

Designer Jim LePage is creating some inspiring illustrations for each book of the Bible. His sermon series art is complete up through Hosea. More design candy to come. I find his style and interpretation to be some fresh inspiration for designers creating expository sermon series graphics.

Here are my favorites:


Sermon Series Exodus


Sermon Series Numbers


Sermon Series Judges


Sermon Series 1 Samuel


Sermon Series Nehemiah


Sermon Series Job

For Discussion:
>> What is your favorite source of design inspiration for sermon series? Share links in your comments.

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Kent Shaffer
Kent Shaffer is the founder of ChurchRelevance.com an online resource created to inspire and train ministers to be more relevant and effective. He also co-owns BombayCreative.com, a ministry-oriented design firm, and AcreScout.com, a commercial listings site.