The Traveling Salesman Approach

This week we continue our conversation with Coach Shef on recruiting:

There are basically three main ways to get leaders: a Big Push, catching “Show-Ups”, and leaders replacing themselves. I tried to keep with the sales theme from last week’s post on “Selling What’s Important” and I will unveil a different approach over the next 3 days.

#1. The Traveling Salesman Approach

This is the “Big Push” discussed above. Here, we make an appeal, or cast vision, to folks who may or may not be interested. We’re knocking on random doors…the more…the better.

*Lots of contacts all at once
*Public support from above is important to parents
*Never a bad idea to get buy-in from the top brass
*Works great when you need to “catch-up” all at once.

*Least efficient method
*People’s inspiration fades quickly
*May get some folks coming for the wrong reasons
*Limited to once a year.

*See if you can get the head pastor’s support (I realize that this doesn’t always work).
*Get people in as fast as you can, their determination from the “pitch” will fade as time passes.
*Don’t shy away from telling people how challenging the job can be and the requirements you expect out of them. This will inspire the right people and the others will self-eliminate early.
*Getting permission to run a background check right off the bat will send “creepy dudes” running.

What do you like or not like about the “Big Push” method to recruit? What Pros or Cons am I overlooking? Check back tomorrow for another, slightly better way. What image do you think best describes this approach? Send me some ideas and I’ll give you credit!

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