Recruiting That Works

Searching for volunteers?

Volunteer recruiting is a hot topic in the kidmin world.  Why?

Because it’s how we do business.  We wouldn’t have a ministry if we didn’t have volunteers.

Volunteer recruiting is a constant in the kidmin life and learning how to do it better always ranks high on my list.  In the Sept/Oct issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine (henceforth known as CM Mag) Jennifer Buell contributes a conversation with veteran recruiters.  It was interesting to hear their varied perspectives.

I was particularly intrigued by Susan Grover because of the following comments:

Q:  What’s been your biggest obstacle to finding good people to do great things in your ministry?

A:  …Ministering to kids is an opportunity.  That’s the critical distinction.  I have never begged, given a guilt trip, or “recruited” one single person.  But, I have invited many to participate in what God is doing.  Right now, in a church of thousands and with 700 kids, I have a waiting list of people who are begging me to let them teach kids God’s Word.

Q:  What’s your best tip for finding the right people to volunteer?

A:  Pray for God to give you the eyes to see who he wants you to place in ministry.  Look around and see those who are faithful, those who speak highly and enthusiastically of the ministry, those who have personally benefited from serving, those who share stories with you about how their child learned this or that from the lesson.  That’s who you want to partner with you in ministry with kids.

I love Susan’s perspective on recruiting.  I love her unwillingness to compromise on who she will bring in to serve within children’s ministry.  Based upon her comments I would suggest she sets the bar high.  And volunteers are willing to do what it takes to clear it.

This is only a taste of the conversation located on pages 110 – 115.  You’ll want to grab your copy and read for yourself.

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A self-described Christ-follower, wife, mom, writer, speaker, kids' pastor and coffee snob, Gina McClain cannot organize a closet to save her life, but can paint a vision for why the closet should be organized and recruit the talent to make it happen. She formerly served as a LifeKIDS Pastor at the OKC Campus of