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How Can You Prioritize Family This Month?

BIG NEWS! We’re rolling out not one, but TWO updated resources for OrangeLeaders. You might have heard, but we’ve renamed our leadership curriculum “YouLead” and for the rest of this month- you can download everything we talk about in the rest of this post for (drum roll, please!) FREE! Click here to sign up now.

We will also be adding more content and community-building options on the always FREE side here at our recently renovated Orange Leaders site.

During the month of October, we’re focusing on the importance of making family a priority—either your own or the families in your church. This is a principle we’ll be revisiting quite often here at orange leaders and in the premium YouLead content because it’s one of the foundations of the Orange strategy.

We know that you lead in several ways at any given time. You lead yourself, you lead volunteers, you might lead a staff, and often you lead up. So here’s what we have in store for you to accomplish each of these tasks in the you lead content (free for you in October):

If you’re like many of us, prioritizing your own personal development is a challenge because Sunday is always coming. We all want to do it and we know that we need to do it, but it always seems to be the first thing we cut. So we’ve developed leadership resources that take less than 22 minutes a week to easily fit into your busy schedule and with enough variety to hold your interest. You have 22 minutes, don’t you? This month check out:
Book Review: Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley
Podcast: Interview with Reggie Joiner and Andy Stanley
Video: Interview with Reggie Joiner and Rev Run
Real Life case study of an organization outside the church: Ikea

Another thing that’s hard to get to? Developing those volunteers. It’s hard to get training done on Sunday. We get that. So we’ve created some simple emails to invest in your volunteers during the week. They’re going to look good and we’ll even do the writing for you. Don’t worry, if you don’t like it, you can change it.
4 Weekly Emails: Prioritizing Personal and Family Time

Whether you’re leading a large staff, just a few people or an unpaid volunteer team and trying to lead up to your senior leadership, we’ve got something to help. We’re including another book review to reinforce the topic we’re covering this month. Getting even more specific than prioritizing family, we’re looking at this specific component of orange-thinking leaders from our handbook.

Staff establishes a pro-family church culture by communicating strategically, modeling personal priorities, and reducing competing programming.
(See page 96 in The Orange Leader Handbook)

Book Review: Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof
Meeting Challenge: Pro-Family Culture
Senior Leadership Podcast: Interview with Carey Nieuwhof and Joel Manby

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