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Why I'm excited about Yancy's new CD

Today Yancy’s new project “Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams,” is available everywhere. Yancy is back with her follow-up to “Rock-N-Happy Heart“ with a mixture of
songs filled with praise, worship, surrender and fun. This collection of 12 songs will
get you rocking and having a good time all while pointing you towards Christ
and His plan for you every step of the way. As a Children’s Pastor I love how Yancy’s music is kid approved! These songs will rock your face off. Once again Yancy combines praise and worship with her unique pop/rock sensibilities.Not only do kids love her music but so do parents. As Yancy’s Dad I am proud of how much Word is jammed packed into each song. I’m also proud of the woman of God she has become. We all have dreams that our kids will grow up and do what Jesus wants them to do but seeing those dreams come true is a blessing beyond words!

At the end of the day, Yancy hopes that her music will encourage people and help them understand that they’re here for a purpose. “We all have different talents and abilities that God wants to use,” says Yancy. “And I make it a point to remind people to go after their dreams with all they’ve got.”

The girl practices what she preaches. You can get Yancy’s new CD at her website www.yancynotnancy.com as well as the DVD. You can also purchase all the songs on itunes. Want to take a listen to the entire album online? Go to http://yancynotnancy.com/music/.

In honor of the album coming out I’ll be giving out a CD/DVD combo free here at my blog. Just email me with you name and address before Friday, November 5th at 12 midnight and then I’ll choose a winner.
Thanks in advance for buying this CD for your family and or your ministry. It’s my new favorite record by my absolute favorite Christian music artist.

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