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Recruiting the Best Volunteers for Ministry: The Process

So yesterday I talked about the packaging you use when recruiting the best preteen ministry volunteer. It’s very important. It makes an emotional connection to your ministry and it just works when it’s awesome. You communicate what you are offering and that comes across in the packaging. If you want the best preteen ministry volunteers then you want packaging that draws them in.

Today I wanted to talk about something a bit different. The process. We all have a process for recruiting, observation, and placement.

Until recently I defined the process wins by how many made it through the entire thing. I don’t know that it’s the best way to measure success. Especially when your process involves a lot of steps.

So I wanted to re-evaluate the process we use for recruiting, screening and placing volunteers. I wanted to measure wins for each step of the process rather than the wins as a whole.

So each step has a goal that can be measured. For instance, the first step, recruiting, the win for this step is finding great leaders and inviting them to observe. By doing this we can measure our recruiting wins and evaluate how effective this one piece of the puzzle can be.

It goes on and on. But the Process is so incredibly important and I think there are positives to a long process and negatives.

So are you for the long process for volunteers or against?