In. The. Weeds.

For anyone that knows me… details are not always my strength.

I can handle details.  But I love Big Picture.

But the two are on opposite sides of the spectrum.  And shifting from one to the other is challenging.

The past several weeks I’ve been deep in the details hammering out behind the scenes structures in fpKIDS.  Everything from how the resources are stored to curriculum timelines to ensure materials are packaged and delivered to the campuses in a timely manner.

I find it difficult to think creatively when I’m in the details.  I’m not sure why that is… it just is.

So I’ll continue to share my ‘in the weeds’ stuff with you guys as I work through the details.

Some upcoming ‘weedy’ posts will be…

  • Multi-site Curriculum Prep processes
  • Resource Structure
  • Multi-site Reporting/Communications

See you soon.

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