Staying Dynamic In Children’s Ministry: #1 Creative Space

A few months ago I put up a post about saying something is new and innovative when it really isn’t. I thought I would follow up that post with this series called Staying Dynamic in Children’s Ministry. I like the word dynamic better than innovative because dynamic refers to something that continually interacts, changes and progresses. That’s exactly what I believe children’s ministry must do: interact with the culture and context it is in, change as needed to best minister to that context and move forward.

In no particular order, I will talk about eight things that I think are needed for a children’s ministry to remain dynamic.

1. Creative Space

Creativity isn’t something that just happens. Creativity is active not passive. Since creativity is active, then space needs to be made for creativity. I know what you’re saying. “Sunday comes every week, and summer activities are just around the corner! Don’t even get me started on Easter and Mothers’ Day!!! In between, I have to recruit and train volunteers, gather and adapt curriculum, and spend time with my family.”

I know it’s hard, but if you want to stay dynamic, then you have to make space to be creative.

You might be thinking, “Creative? What do you mean be creative?”

Make space to create something… it doesn’t even have to be work realated! Write an essay or story, paint a picture, doodle, plant a garden, create some cool graphics, photograph something. Do something to work out those creative muscles God gave you. “I’m not creative,” you might say. Nonsense! We are all creative. God created us in His image, and part of that image is creativity. You don’t have to create masterpieces. You just have to create.

You don’t have to set aside a lot of time for creativity. I try to give myself a couple hours a week to do something creative. I’m not always successful in carving out that time, but more often than not I try to give myself some time for creativity.

If we don’t set aside time to create, then we diminish our ability to do so. Creativity is like a muscle. It has to be used and exercised. You must work it out regularly. If you haven’t been allowing yourself time to create, it will be hard to do so at first. Maybe start with a pen and a blank sheet of paper. Start by doodling or writing random thoughts. Allow those doodles or random thoughts to take shape into a picture or narrative. It doesn’t have to look good or flow well. My doodles will never make their way into any art galleries… or on my fridge 🙂 See what you come up with. Try different types of creative things. The point is not to produce something. The point is to create.

As you allow yourself time to create, you will find yourself being more creative with thoughts and situations related to children’s ministry. You will be able to take situations, tasks, curriculum and turn them into something new. You will be more willing to take risks and see beyond what children’s ministry is right now to what it can be.

How many of you already set aside time to be creative? When do you do it? What do you do to work out those creative muscles? How has it helped you remain dynamic?

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