The Mediocre Kidmin Leader Part 2

“Only the mediocre are always at their best” – Jean Giraudoux

Mediocrity is dangerous. It goes beyond fooling yourself. When I hear stories of a kids pastor not giving it their all I do not necessarily think of the mediocre kids pastor. Instead, I think about the children who are being affected. I think about the poor experience they are having, the lack of passion and lack of commitment to raising up the next generation.

Mediocre people think they’re always as their best. They often cannot find much room for improvement or do not push themselves forward. If I ever find myself thinking that there’s nothing else I can do, I question my motivation and do a quick mediocrity check. I think there’s always room to do even better if not for my sake, for the kids and volunteers I lead.

Help fight mediocrity by:

1. Don’t settle.
2. Always pay attention to the details.
3. Experiment.

As always…What say you?


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Justyn Smith is married to an amazing wife and is a father to five children. He is the children's pastor at South Hills Church in Corona, CA and has a passion to help other children’s pastors become great leaders in their local church and ministry. He consults, writes, and is a frequent conference speaker. Justyn is the host of Celera Kidmin (click for more info) and has recently been named one of "Children's Ministry Magazine's" Top 20 to Watch. Twitter: pastorjustyn Facebook: