One Thing With Jonathan Cliff

We recently released our free ebook called The Future of Children’s Ministry.  Over 20 influential KidMin leaders contributed their thoughts to help create this thought provoking resource.

We’re continuing the conversation with these leaders and getting a little more personal about their own ministries, asking them this question:

Aside from your relationship with God, what is the ONE THING that is
most important to you as you lead in Children’s Ministry?”

I asked them to answer in a few sentences, and we’re posting those answers here in this series called “One Thing”. (You can see all of the posts here.)

Today’s response comes from Jonathan Cliff.  Here is Jonathan’s response to our question:

My one thing is: Leaders.  If I spend 100% of my time programming, dreaming, and creating for Children’s Ministry environments; but spent 0% on mentoring, discipling, and investing in my leaders then I’m going nowhere.  And more than going nowhere, I’m getting there at warp speed!

Early on in my ministry life I thought my job was all about the kids, and the leaders would just see how awesome everything I was doing was…and jump on board.  Boy, was I wrong!  Ignoring those I’m asking to run with my vision is vision-suicide.  I have to take time to invest in their lives.  What does this look like?  It means I take them to lunch and coffee, I remember their kids birthdays, I do the things they actually suggest (or things that closely resemble what they suggest), I listen to them and quickly pray with them when they need me, and I share my dreams for the future with them.

My one thing focus, is to always lead my leaders in a healthy way!

Be sure to follow Jonathan on Twitter and check out his blog.

What do you think of Jonathan’s response and
how would you answer that question?

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