5 Reasons To Appreciate Your Lead Pastor

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Being a lead pastor is one of the most challenging positions anyone can have. It’s difficult, at best (if you don’t believe me, have a look at this article called Death by Ministry?). Many (most) pastors work tirelessly with little recognition.

As a leader in the church (whatever your “official” title is) you have an opportunity to express appreciation. I get it…you may have some significant challenges with your lead pastor – been there, done that. Work those things out appropriately, but let it keep you from expressing proper appreciation for what he does. Why?

  1. Because your Pastor is placed in his leadership role by none other than God Himself. This alone should cause us to step back and appreciate the position.
  2. Because your Pastor carries burdens that you know nothing about. Trust me, you don’t know the half of it! Aside from wearing far more hats than he should, he also carries burdens of the congregation that most of us know nothing about.
  3. Because your Pastor has many of the same struggles that you have at work, at home, in relationships, financially, and so on. The difference is that there are very, very few people that your pastor can go to just to share these struggles.
  4. Because your Pastor hears far more criticism and complaining (usually unfiltered) than he does encouragement and appreciation. Like any of us, Pastors need to hear the good more than the bad, but that’s rarely the case.
  5. Because your Pastor needs to know his team is with him. Whether you are a staff member or not, giving your support through appreciation is critical to your Pastor.

These are some general reasons to show appreciation.
Now tell us why you show appreciation to YOUR Pastor . . .

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Greg Baird
Greg Baird is a Children’s Ministry veteran with over 20 years ministry experience. Greg has had the privilege of serving in four San Diego area churches, including under the leadership of both John Maxwell and David Jeremiah. He continues to fulfill his life calling through the ministry of ChildrensMinistryLeader.com, offering an experienced voice in equipping and connecting Children’s Ministry leaders around the country and around the world.

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