Here’s What I’d Do Pt. 3

I am actually relieved that I got some questions from the readers of [Kid Inspiration]. I always get nervous that no one will post a question and then I will feel like Nigel No Friends… but I have friends! The origin of this series is here and we are on round three as I sit here listening to a song called NEW DAY which is sounding fresh and hot and awesome, but you can’t hear it yet because it’s not ready!

Question 1: What have you guys seen that works and doesn’t work for recruiting volunteers? Also, do your volunteers serve in any sort of term/trimester/semester or do they come and go as they please (hope that makes sense) – Carrie.

Of course it makes sense Carrie in the same way that salsa and corn chips make sense.

The biggest secret to building volunteers and growing teams is to simply reflect the leadership of your Church. Out leadership culture here at Hillsong Church is very well defined and there is an expectation that is set across all of our campuses. The basic idea is that you sit in a service and serve in a service (Mary and Martha style). Apart from that is explaining the why behind the what. When talking to prospective team members (which is a good place to start), just sell them the vision of being part of helping kids follow Jesus for the rest of their lives in the only institution that God set up outside of family!

Question 2: sup Dave, how do you transition kids from kids to youth? – Sarah

I’m rocking Sarah, sup with you?

The best thing we have done here at Hillsong Kids in ten years is start a preteen ministry called Voltage for all kids in Grade 5/6. This has meant that we start preparing them to be in our Youth ministry for two years leading up to it! This is highly relational ministry that is all about being another voice in the life of a child. A positive encouraging supportive voice that helps them in every way we can. Did you know that this age group is the most bullied on earth!

At the end of each year we have youth leaders start coming to our weekend services and connecting with the kids so they will know someone in our ‘Fuel’ ministry. We also run an every second Friday night program before Youth that gets them feeling all grown up!

Thanks for your questions!!!!