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Working for the IRS or Publisher’s Clearing House?

by Jud Wilhite

Lately I’ve been rethinking how we view leadership and ministry in the church. Many see the church like the IRS. Our job is to let everyone know what debt they owe and remind them often that they can’t pay it. What a downer! Yet, in the gospel, we see so much more. Ministry is more like we won a sweepstakes and now we get to go and give out the winnings (the finished work of Christ) to others.

It’s like we work for Publishers Clearing House, those people who show up at your door with one of those ridiculously big checks. And think of this. We get to show up to other people’s doors and we both won the sweepstakes! And there is a never-ending supply of winnings so we get to share and tell everyone they have won.

What an awesome job! You and I get to go around and tell people they basically just won a dump truck full of grace through faith in Jesus. When I start to see people as redemptive winners of grace and tell the story of how it has changed me and can change their lives, it gives me a fresh perspective on the joy of ministry and leadership.

Think about your attitude. Does it reflect the thrill of someone who works for Publisher’s Clearing House or does it look more like you work for the IRS?

Jud Wilhite is author of Torn and senior pastor of Central Christian Church. He blogs at www.JudWilhite.com.

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