Save Money as a Youth Pastor

So last weekend, my Jeep’s driver side window wouldn’t roll up. It’s been a few weeks of crazy stuff happening in our lives and our cars haven’t helped. We’ve had plenty of car trouble in the past. We know that it’s only a season, but sometimes these problems just seem to pile up. Not to mention, you are a youth pastor. It’s not like you are in this thing for the money. So I thought I would give you some insight into some things that I use pretty regularly to help with some problems with cars and appliances in your home to save you a few bucks.

I used some of these to fix my power window that wouldn’t roll up as well. Saved me about $200-$300 by DIY instead of taking it to a shop.

Check out these resources: is an incredible resource that my dad turned me on to. It’s a database of all kinds of appliances. Complete with diagrams of the device and commonly seen problems it’s a great site to frequent if your appliances are giving you some issues.

They also point you to where you can find the parts and sometimes have videos showing you how to do certain repairs or fixes.

Great, Great Resource!!!

This site is a funny site to visit when something isn’t wrong with your vehicle!! This site is good because it does two things really well.

  1. Encouragement – it’s always good to know that someone else is having problems as well and it’s an encouragement to see some of the problems that people are dealing with and remember that your problems could always be worse.
  2. Common Problems are highlighted – You can discover things about your car that are common breakdowns. For instance, we recently bought my wife a 2008 Honda Accord. It’s a good car and has a great resale value. However, there are some problems that we figured out really quickly. One big one is that the rear brakes wear down twice as fast as the front brakes!! Normally the rear brakes last twice as long as the front brakes. Good to know so you can save some money by replacing them with different types of brakes and also go to a place that gives you a lifetime guarantee brake job.
Car Complaints is something that I frequent pretty often as it’s helpful to see what kind of problems people are having with your model of vehicle. Be sure to check it out!!


1AAuto’s Youtube Channel

This might seem like second nature to you, but YouTube has a ton of resources on DIY repairs. Just search for your vehicle and the problem that you are having. Then you will see a bevy of videos to help you find your problem and repair it.

I used a video from 1AAuto’s channel to replace my power window this past weekend. It was much easier than I thought and saved me about $200-$300 by not going to an autoshop.

I hope that you can use some of these resources to help you save a bit of money.

What are some resources that you use to save some cash money?