Multi-Site – Portable Kidmin

Okay.  I would love some feedback here.

Who in the webosphere does portable kids ministry?  What’s on your die-hard “Don’t Do!” list?  What’s on your “Do Do!” list?  (yes… she said do-do


In January FPC will launch our 3rd multi-site location and it will be a portable environment.  Here’s what we’re working with so far:

  • 6 dedicated rooms for kids ministry (nursery to 5th grade)
  • One male and one female multi-stall restroom for the entire church (no dedicated kids restroom)
  • No sink or plumbing in kids area
  • On-site storage (size not yet defined)
  • Sunday only – everything is set up and torn down same day
I’ve done portable in the past and learned a great deal.  However, it’s been years.  For those that live portable week in and week out, I’d love to hear from you.
  • What’s your common resource for durable, portable equipment?
  • How do you transform a neutral space into an environment inviting for kids?
  • How do you manage equipment cleaning/repair each week?
These questions only scratch the surface, but it’s a start.  I want to hear from you.