New Leaders Training

So here’s the thing. I have tried to film at least 5 different new leaders training videos over the last few years. But seriously it seems like every time we try something happens. We have hard drives fail, lost footage, evil clowns steal tape (not really).

It felt like there was a spiritual battle going on for the soul of our new leaders and powers beyond my understanding were working against me to stop this video from being created – (“what do you mean exaggeration???”)

But instead of deterring me, my resolve only got more resolved, and my gumption got more gumptionfied – I cast out the demons of fear and loss and tried again :)

How you start something is very important and I want to give our new team members the best start possible.

I believe that in our multi campus Church that including this video with all of our new leaders applications will really help give them that great start. This is one part of getting new team involved.

Here is the video:

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David Wakerley is a respected children’s ministry thought-leader and frequent conference speaker on the topic. David and his wife Beci serve as children’s pastors in Sydney, Australia and founded the popular KidInspiration blog. Both of them have a passion to see children’s ministries around the world flourish and thrive.