I’m Excited About Halloween!

Several years ago God struck me with a thought…

If my church were to disappear today, would my community feel the loss?

Dig deeper…

If my family moved, would my neighborhood feel the loss?

This question sits with me all the time.  Aside from a different group of kids playing in the cul-de-sac… or a different set of cars pulling in and out of the driveway… beyond that, would our neighborhood notice a difference if our family moved away?

Would they lose a family that is a source of encouragement to them?  Would they lose a neighbor willing to pick up their mail, bring them cookies, watch their kids while they run errands or just hang out and talk over a cup of coffee?

Tonight is an exciting night for my family.  My kids are excited about dressing up as warriors and Indian princesses.  My husband and I are excited about the opportunity tonight holds.  As families roam the neighborhood we get the chance to meet more of our neighbors.  People that typically escape into their homes every night are more willing to be out and about tonight.  People whose social walls are often up as the evening agenda doesn’t allow for hang time with neighbors.  Tonight, the agenda is to visit every house with a porch light on.

Our porch light won’t just be on… we’ll be camped out on the driveway ready for kids and parents to walk by.  We’ll have candy, smiles and handshakes ready as we get the chance to simply love people.

As believers in Christ, we are the church and we are called to love people.  So, tonight is a great chance to do so.  Run and buy some candy, turn on your porch light and love the community God placed you in.

Here’s a post I wrote last year about Halloween.  Is it evil?  Should Christians avoid it?  Great questions.  Here’s what I think.

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A self-described Christ-follower, wife, mom, writer, speaker, kids' pastor and coffee snob, Gina McClain cannot organize a closet to save her life, but can paint a vision for why the closet should be organized and recruit the talent to make it happen. She formerly served as a LifeKIDS Pastor at the OKC Campus of LifeChurch.tv.