Top Ten Ways to Be More Creative

10. Exercise your Brain – Anything that is not used becomes stagnant.  Work puzzles, read outside the field of ministry, learn a new skill.  Be intentional about stretching your brain!

9. Brainstorm – This is a favorite activity of mine.  Just sit down with a pad and pen or a whiteboard.  Write your title on the top and write down every unfiltered idea that comes to mind.  You never know when it will be gold.

8. Reward Curiosity – One mistake we can make is to think that curiosity is an indulgence. It is truly important that we remain curious throughout our life.  So, reward yourself when you are curious about something. Give yourself the opportunity to explore new topics and experiment with new things.

7. Listen to Music – Good Music, you know Classical or Classic Rock! J Actually choose what works for you to spark imagination.

6. Write it Down! – Always have something with you to jot down a Quick Thought or Random idea.  Download an app for you phone to record simple messages and  review them later. You never know when a brilliant idea will come along!

5. Look for Sources of Inspiration – Look for new sources of inspiration that will give you fresh ideas. Read a book, visit a museum, listen to your favorite music or engage in a lively debate with a friend.

4. Spend Time with Creative People – I have often said you become like the people you hang out with.  It’s true!  So if you want to be creative hang out with creative people.

3. Go for a Walk – Sometimes a simple change of scenery can be a major boost to our creativity.  Get outside, look around, notice the thing you normally walk right past.

2. Take Risks – I am by nature a Risk Taker. I love the opportunity to experience something new and I am easily bored with the status quo.  If you are not a Risk Taker by nature be intentional about trying new things and ideas.

1. Make Time for Creativity – Put it in your schedule. Time to think, dream and imagine.  This will definitely lead to fresh ideas and new challenges.

Are you naturally creative?  Do you want to me more creative?  Are you willing to invest in being more creative?  Do you have an idea you think should be added to the list?  Let us hear your thoughts!  Leave a Comment.